The ”Nufarul” joint stock company offers a large array of dry cleaning and laundry equipment for sale. Some of the manufacturers are:

  • Italclean” - a company founded in 1986, which works hard on the modernization of the manufactured equipment. This will improve the quality, efficiency and the ecology of the dry cleaning and laundry process.
  • Stirmatic” - founded in 1974, it is a company specialized in the manufacture of ironing equipment. Nowadays the company has an important share in the USA market.
  • IMESA” - the biggest italian producer of laundry equipment with over 40 years of experience. The company's production includes washing, drying and ironing equipment.

Equipment offered for sale:

  • industrial washing machines, with full or partial centrifuge, with the capacity from 8 to 120 kg;
  • drying machines, with the capacity from 10 to 120 kg;
  • dry cleaning machines for textile and leather cleaning, with the capacity from 10 to 40 kg;
  • ironing tacles and presses, with an integrated steam generator or a separated one;
  • steam mannequins for dresses, coats and trousers, with an integrated steam generator or a separated one;
  • ironing rink;
  • ironing-drying calender.

The “Nufarul” company offers the following services:

  • consultations;
  • advice regarding projection and calculations;
  • equipment delivery;
  • equipment setting-up and andjustment;
  • service and maintenance;
  • staff training.